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The Toolboxtm is a tool to support external consultants, trainers or internal facilitators to guide a change process or a training. If necessary, it we can also train the facilitators of the toolboxtm. The Toolboxtm includes a full program description and all the necessary working materials for facilitators and participants. Are forms of blended learning can be  applied in a Toolboxtm and can be used both in a life session and in a digital session.
The Toolboxtm is used for the implementation of many change initiatives and makes sure that the hard factor and soft factors of change get equal attention. We use instruments like the Values Profiletm that make the ‘soft side’ of change visible in hard numbers. Most investments in change are made on the hard factors, most losses are suffered because the human side of change did not get enough attention.

Why use a Toolboxtm

The Toolboxtm keeps the client and / or owner of a change process in charge of the direction and quality of what is done by facilitators in the change process. Work is being done on the basis of steering information that is collected in advance, on the basis of the values ​​Profieltm or with other diagnostic instruments. Because the principles are clear and all participants go through the same process, this will prevent the process supervisors to follow a different strategy for the implementation in different units unless the diagnostics applied give an indication that this is necessary. Time, money and energy of the client and participants are so wasted. The material is well organized, clear and easy to handle and reproducible.

The Toolboxtm can be used at any time when it fits into the schedule of the client. The preparation has already been done. Common goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are achjieved by entire groups of participants by using the Toolboxtm in an effective manner. The use of the Toolboxtm will lead to a shared vison and a clear jargon under participants who have attended a session facilitated with a Toolboxtm. We provide for each customer demand a specifically tailored Toolboxtm. The facilitators have a toolboxtm with practical tailored modules which can be used depending on the specific group. Working with the Toolboxtm is interesting for any change process or for each course in terms of implementation costs  which are low since we combine physical classroom meeting with digital methods. Working with the Toolboxtm is clear and based on clear agreements about the desired result.

What are the elements of  the Toolboxtm

The Toolboxtm is a complete package with which workshops, training and team sessions can be facilitated in organizations. The Toolboxtm includes:

• Use of  Values ​​Profiletm or a diagnosis tool advance (optional).

• A comprehensive roadmap.

• Concrete methods.

• A daily program for the workshops with 15 minute breakdowns.

• A USB flash drive with full materials of the workshops.

• PowerPoints, including instructions on the note sheets.

• A roadmap and dialogue card for participants.

• Handouts for the exercises.

• Feedback Forms.

• Translation of the goal of the process into attitude, behavior and work habits.

• Material for anchoring the results in the organization's systems.

The use of the Values ​​Profieltm or questionnaires for the diagnosis of the customer's situation can be fitted into the Toolboxtm. Thus a Values ​​Profieltm can be used for mapping of personal values, how participants perceive the current organizational values and how they would like to see the desired organizational values. Based on the steering information of the Values Profile facilitator then can operate on the basis of mapped facts instead of on premise thereof. This saves a lot of time in the process or a workshop because we are working on the basis of actual, previously identified facts.

Why the use of the Toolboxtm is very effective

Each participant, supervisor and facilitator has materials that cover the program and the methods of that day in a way that is clear and understandable from their own place. Because of the way the Toolboxtm is structured the goals of the program and the expectations of what s going to happens during a program, are clearly framed. Through the use of diagnostic tools facts and perceptions are clear and in this way a lot of unnecessary discussion time during the workshop is avoided. When setting up the Toolboxtm we use previously gained benchmark experiences on what works and what does not work in similar situations and processes. This way of working  prevents the unnecessary waste of time, money and energy on non-working solutions.

How the Toolboxtm works

The Toolboxtm is always customized and is made based on the needs of the client which are determined in an intake. An invitation for the Values Profiletm or other diagnostic tools will be sent to the stakeholders involved in the process (employees, managers, customers, etc.). The internal facilitators are trained by certified trainers to work with the contents of the Toolboxtm. The first workshop will be held with the management team, and then most of the times there is a follow-up with the employees in their teams. When the choice for the digital variant is made, at this team the  first modules are being send to the participants. After all workshops and / or modules there is feedback from the results of the management team. The outcomes of the workshops and / or modules are fed back, communicated and implemented based on the feedback forms. We will also support our clients with anchoring the results in their systems. We can also offer maintenance contracts.

How Toolboxtm is produced

The process of making the Toolboxtm is as follows: first there is an intake with the client, with the aim to define the desired results view. Program steps are prepared based on the intake that can (optionally) be discussed with the client. After approval of the client all the elemens of the Toolboxtm will produced. Process Facilitators are trained or instructed in the use of Toolboxtm. Then the workshops are planned and turned out as planned. At the beginning of the meeting at which the Toolboxtm is used, the participants receive materials with clarify the goals of the program and the program track that is going tob e implemented that day. After the program the results will be tracked in feedback forms in a digital environment which are collected and processed at the pre-arranged manner. Based on the feedback forms thre will be a report on the results of the use of the Toolboxtm.

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