Core Commit Caribbean Summer Academy 2023

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Accelerated NLP/TA Personal Leadership and Communication

Already more than 1500 certified participants. Now for the sixth time also on Curaçao.


Trainers: Drs. Egbert L. Kinds CMC and/or Yvon Hoendervoogt


Dates: August 24, 25, 26 and August 28 and 29

Includes: NLP Practitioner Certification, understanding Transactional Analysis, License to use Values Profiletm


Develop your Personal Leadership with NLP

If you invest in your personal development as a person, you can fully develop yourself and your talents. A person who has developed personally has self-confidence, remains resourceful in the face of setbacks, and has a realistic view of possible alternatives.

In this training you will acquire the skills you need for this, and you will learn to find the balance between feeling and understanding (emotional intelligence) and between yourself and others (social intelligence).

Development of your personal leadership appeals to your willingness to think about your own role (self-reflection) in situations with others and the willingness to make new choices based on that. Your choices are shown in what you communicate with others. Effective communication is one of the conditions for people to perform optimally and contributes to more self-confidence. When you, as a human being, have more options in response to your emotions and experience variety in the way in which those choices are expressed in your behaviour, then you have personal leadership. In this training you will learn the necessary skills and develop the supporting beliefs for your important values in your life.


The Values Profiletm: Follow your passions

Your potential is fully realized when your passions are in line with the task and mission of the team and organization you work for. The Values Profiletm that you will fill in during this training shows to what extent you use your values potential in your current work environment.

In this training, your participants will be licensed to work with the Value Profiletm, an instrument that measures and visualizes motivation and value drives in people and value systems in teams and organizations.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

 NLP is a very effective method for realizing personal learning goals and personal growth.

 NLP helps you to develop your social and emotional intelligence.

In this training you will learn how to use your emotions as guidance information, how to create focus in your life, how to report with others and how to be clear in your communication.





Day 1 Basic NLP skills: Rapport and the capability of self-reflection

Reflection is the ability to look at the effects of your own actions from a distance. Gaining insight into your own strengths and weaknesses gives you the opportunity to consciously manage your behaviour and its effects.

Rapport or empathy means that you are able to put yourself in the shoes of others’ motives and preferences, so that you can strengthen contact with others.



  • Calibration of non-verbal communication.
  • how to establish rapport with others.
  • Give the other resources to solve their own problem.
  • Associated and dissociated experience, calling and installing different states: anchoring.
  • Giving and receiving feedback.
  • Contextual feedback frames.
  • Being able to handle different observation positions.


Day 2 Ecological Leadership and your values and beliefs

Ecological Leadership is based on the laws of nature where change is a constant and based on that insight you can develop the resilience to deal with it in your environment. And make conscious choices. On this day you will develop the ability to connect with others based on the recognition that they do things based on their own motivations. You will discover differences in Beliefs, Values and Criteria between yourself and others and learn to deal with this constructively. You will become acquainted with Graves’ theory and become acquainted with the practical value based on the Values Profile™ developed by Core Commit.



  • Principles of Ecological Leadership.
  • Introduction to the value drives and value system based on the
    theory of Prof. Clare W. Graves.
  • Recognize motives in yourself and others.
  • The Values Profiletm: explanation of your personal Values Profile.
  • NLP report skills applied to the value drives: how you

motivate others through their natural motivational flow.

  • Recognize hierarchy in values and request criteria.
  • License to use the Personal Values Profiletm.
  • Interpretation of the result of a Team Values Profile.
  • How to use the Team Values Profile to become a dream team


Day 3 Emotion management

The ability to use your feeling as guidance information. Recognizing your own emotions. Developing skills to comfortably master your own emotions.



  • Taking one’s own feeling seriously.
  • Anchoring internal states.
  • Entering a situation from the right energy (high energy).
  • Identify limiting beliefs and goal-supportive thinking.
  • Working with parts.


Day 4 Self motivation

The ability to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and those of others and to work from your own vital energy. You learn to create your own vision and to set consistent goals to realize your own ambitions.



  • Trust people to be who they are. This day you will learn to have realistic expectations about others based on your own observations.
  • You learn to recognize your own and meta programs (also known as fixed behaviour patterns) and those of others so that you can             predict the behaviour of others (you receive a license to use the Work Behaviour Profiletm).
  • Recognize sensory strategies.
  • Framing and reframing.
  • Permanently changing beliefs in your neurology.


Day 5 Leading in communication and Transactional Analysis (TA)

The ability to influence effectively. To be able to communicate based on understanding the communication patterns of others.



  • Framing and reframing.
  • Skill in content steering (chunking).
  • Influencing with hypnotic language patterns.
  • Transactional Analysis as a model to recognize patterns in communication. Drama Triangle and other famous games.
  • Choosing effective ego positions.



Acoya Hotel and suites, Willemstad Curacao.

Working hours:

Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday: 13.00 – 20.00

Saturday: 09.00 – 15.00


Training price:

NAF 1990.00.

There are 5 Values Profilestm included in this price.

There are 4 training places available for people who are not reimbursed for the training by their employer. A 50{1870c046429e81c223865d153e339265fae965af84e1833003b65756da787bbc} discount will then apply to the first 4 applicants.


Payment terms:

Within four weeks before the start of the training, the entire amount is due at once.



Dutch and English, exercises can be done in Dutch, English, Papiamento and Spanish. All presentations are available

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