The Work Behaviour Profiletm

The Work Behaviour Profile™ is an on-line test which measures perceptual, thinking, motivational and acting patterns in the context of work. It is based on over 30 years of research into human typological studies by Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall and Marilyne Woodsmall. Each individual receives insight into the underlying patterns of his behavior

in a work context and guidance as to the direction needed to fully actualize his potential.

The Work Behaviour Profile™ complements the Values Profile™ by measuring which areas of work must change in order to move from one value system to another. This allows the individual and the organization to focus competence development processes in the key areas that will align with the growth of the organization’s values. It also allows the individual to identify the key areas that will most contribute to the actualization of their full potential in the particular work situation in which they are engaged.

What are the patterns that the Workbehavior Profiletm shows?

Het Werkgedrag Profieltm brengt de volgende werkpatronen van mensen in kaart:
Change: Sameness – Difference
Perceptual source: Tangible – Intangible
Decision pattern: tLooks good, Sounds good, Feels good, Makes sense
Evaluation: Internal – External frame of reference
Motivation: Move towards – Moves away
Activities: Options – Procedures
Organisation: Free spirit – Structurist
Transmission: Giving – Taking
Behavior: Active – Passive
Perception: Possibilities – Limitations

Research and development

Our instruments are validated and we continuously keep track of our data. We especially are collecting data on successful change strategies, based on the use of our tools by licenses consultants.