Make use of our expertise in the field of personal leadership (NLP, TA, System dynamics, RET), organic leadership, culture change and change management.


One on one coaching on location (2023 on Curacao from th 18 through 30th of August)!
Our coaching is characterized by short intensive processes. Depending on your question, we work with you for half a day three to five times and in almost all cases the learning goal has been achieved. It starts with insight and your current patterns, naming the desired patterns and anchoring them in your neurology. On Yvon Hoendervoogt’s LinkedIn profile you will find references from coaching clients.


Online Coaching
We offer online coaching for all your questions about personal leadership, organic leadership, change management, burnout, bore out, etc. For online coaching, we often use the Values Profile and the Work Behavior Profile to quickly get to the core of your question. can penetrate.
Our online coaching is charged per minute, you can ask your question and if you have received sufficient input, you can indicate that and stop.
Some people have a short question and receive enough input in 2 x 15 minutes to be able to continue themselves, other people take more time, up to 2 hours per coaching.
Our coaches are always available at short notice and you decide whether you click and how much time you need.