Core Commit Cares

Core Commit has three programs in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. These programs support charities and make scholarship available for the trainings and Master programs of the Core Commit Academy.
The principle is that we want to support individual people in their development of personal leaderships and organisations in the development of organic leadership, based on our expertise, experience and instruments. We developed three programs:


Core Commit Cares Non-profit programs
This program support non-profit organisations by making the Values Profiletm  and the Transformatrixtm available to those organisations without costs if we want to actively support their goals.


Core Commit Cares Academic programs
We make scholarships available for students or people who do not have the budget for a training but who are motivated to follow one or morre of our programs. A scholarship finances till a maximum of 85{1870c046429e81c223865d153e339265fae965af84e1833003b65756da787bbc}  of the cost of a training. We do not provide scholarships to cover the accomodation costs. For every program we have two scholarships available.

Core Commit Cares Partnership programs

We are willing to support our customers in their CSR activities by means of our instruments. We supported Accentures charity initiative for wereldouders (worldparents) in order to improve the life homeless children.