The Values Profile™ 

The Values Profile™ is an on-line tool that works in a fast, easy and efficient way. It gives a clear picture of beliefs, intentions, motivations, values and standards of individuals, teams and organizations. Each team member receives insight into his own beliefs and intention as well as into his own stimuli, concentrated on the question if people get enough energy or on the contrary lose energy at the moment. It also shows the preception of the present and desired values of the organization.

The team and organization Value Profiles™ show average personal values, and the present and desired organizational values. As both the present and the desired situation are brought into focus, it becomes clear for each value system and indicator, what the underlying issues that need to be addressed are. This analysis forms a way forward in the development of the team members, towards behaving and communicating in accordance with the desired change. This process supports a company culture that strengthens the results of the collective. It is possible to tailor specific value word into the test that are of importance to your organization and change process. In this way the tool will function a as a Values Commitment Indicator.


Why should you test values?

• It offers insight into the motivation of people and into the extent to which an organization uses the value potential of it’s employees.

• It supplies the correct influence strategy for the employees to create a basis for change.

• It provides guidelines for the implementation of training, MD programs, mergers, culture programs, teambuilding etc.


Why use the Values Profile?

• Because the Value Profile™ is the only worldwide validated tool since 1960 that measures what it claims to measure in the field of values.

• In order to carry out online tools and to immediately have individual, team and organizational data at one’s disposal.

• Value drives in people and organizations give insight into people’s desires. These give a prognosis of the motivation experienced.


Which results does the Values Profileprovide?

Personal Values Profile

• An individual result combined with direct online interpretation.

• A 30 page personal report with a description of dominant drives (acceptance as well as

rejection), and the challenges the person will experience based on comparison to a norm



Team and Organization Values Profile

• Average value drives, present and desired organisation value patterns.

• Top 10 present and desired values inclusive gap analysis.

• Results at an organizational level.

• Results at an organizational level.


How does the Values Profilework?

• Respondents are invited by e-mail. It takes 15 minutes to fill out the individual version and 30 minutes for the team version.

• The measurement is based on the various choices that are made from lists that contain seven words each time.

• Respondents receive the results of their personal Value Profile™ directly after taking the on-line tool.

• All group results will be delivered in PDF.


What is the benefit of working with the Values Profile?

• It provides an objective analysis, which benefits the customer.

• It gives a clear picture of the most suitable implementation strategy for the customer.

• It guarantees sustainable change by connectingto the correct value systems immediately.

• By acknowledging ‘what is’ apart from idealism and judgment it places the change process in the here and now.

• You can use the results of the Values Profile™ in any implementation process requiring commitment.

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