License Training Values Profiletm / Ecological Leadership practitioner

“What you will get:
License Personal and Team Values Profiletm, one-year free use of profiels in customer cases, Personal and Organizational Transformation and Change Management Toolboxes, personal coaching on case studies.


Trainers/coaches: Egbert Kinds and/or Yvon Hoendervoogt
In these times of major social and economic transformations and developments, there is an increasing urgency and demand for change. What brought success yesterday, no longer brings success today. We live in a rapidly changing world characterized by a high degree of uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity. An increasing appeal is being made to the resilience of individuals and organizations to move organically with the dynamics of the economy, world politics and the climate and by naming the purpose and aligning the company values accordingly.
Ecological Leadership offers a framework, tools and working methods to deal with this. Ecological Leadership is based on the premise that to create a healthy future for people, organizations and our planet, it is necessary to develop new mindsets and leadership skills.
Organizations can respond to this by basing their mission, vision and strategy on the ecological impact they want to achieve and incorporating this into their relationships with relevant stakeholders. In this approach, collaboration is based on the added value that a team, organization or network wants to deliver for their stakeholders and what impact they want to make with it (what is the purpose?).
In the training you will gain insight into both the hard business side and the soft people and culture side of effective change and how you can use this to found the goals that the organization has set itself. You learn to deal with people and cultural factors, such as motivation for and resistance to change. And you learn to keep the desired impact in mind when setting up the business side. The Values Profiletm, for which you receive a license, makes the soft side visible in hard numbers.


Program content
In terms of case studies, this training and coaching will be tailored to the type of assignments that the participants have.

Learning objectives Module 1:
Theoretical Backgrounds of Graves and Ecological Leadership, Personal Values Profile
• The principles of Ecological Leadershiptm, application to actual customer situations.
A thorough introduction to the basics and backgrounds of the theory of
prof. Clare W. Graves.
• An introduction to the value drives and value systems according to
prof. Clare W. Graves.


Learning objectives module 2:

• The 8 motives of Prof. dr. Clare W. Graves explained in detail.
• The empirical validation of the Values Profile.
• The interpretation of the personal Values Profile, using the Values Profile to advise and coach people personally and professionally.
• Strategies to tap into the natural motivational flow of others.
• Interpretation of the Perception Profile.


Learning objectives Module 3

The Interpretation of Team and Organization Values Profiles
• The interpretation of the team and organization Values Profiles.
• Deepening the difference between value drives and value systems.
• The institutional principles of the different value systems.
• The translation of theoretical insights into practice.
• Coach and develop teams based on the Values Profile.
• Complementary value systems.


Learning objectives Module 4

Benchmarks and toolboxes for successful organizational development
• Create frameworks around change based on the Organic Leadership methodology.
• Interpreting the context of organizational change.
• Identifying the change management challenge of the client organization.
• Using map that provide value drives and value systems.
• Plug-Ins: Toolboxes with working methods for various change management questions.
• Applying the material in your own change case and in fulfilling your role as change agent.

Content of the Ecologic Leadership, Transformation and Change Management package
• Personal extensive report of the Values Profile.
• Online License Training (4 x 3.5 hours with 2 x 10 minutes break).
• Free use of the Values Profile for one year (max. of 100 personal profiles with team profile functionality per client organisation).
• Personal coaching on your the interpretation of outputs of the Values Profile (3 x 1 hour)
• Acquisition guidance to clearly identify the customer’s change management challenge.
• Access to practical Plug-Ins: Toolboxes with workshops and interventions for customers.
• License to work with the Values profiletm after the first year.

After the training you are certified for the use of the Values Profiletm in assignments. The Values Profiletm is an instrument for quick and effective measurement of personal motivations and the current and desired team and/or organizational values. It provides an efficient insight into the starting point of individuals, teams and the organization.