Facilitator educational charity in Haïti

I got 4 hours for the presentation, but in 3 hours all that needed to be said and discusses was ready, including the decisions about the agenda items that had been undecided after a whole day meeting the day before. They understood the organic leadership model immediately and this understanding brouhgt thenm a lot of clarity and took away a all of the resistancewe had experienced  the day before . Voor de presentatie kreeg ik 4 uur, maar in 3 uur was alles gezegd en besproken, inclusief een besluit over de agendapunten die na een dag vergaderen nog onbeslist waren. Ze snapten het direct en dat bracht veel helderheid en nam de weerstand van de vorige dag helemaal weg.
At one point the Haitians went into discussion together full speed which made that they totally forgot we were there. The insight the Values Profiles gave cleared issues in no-tiome. One board member ever came to the conclusion that they were trying to pull the steering weel and did not geve enough space and mandate to their CEO. 
The vision is clear now and today the new structure has been decided for. All actions got a deadline and are being shared with the management team. As soon as it is clear which employees are going to participate in the new structure they also want them to fill in the Values Profile Questionaire. It is been great to be able to contribute to this process. 
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