Personal Leadership & Communication (NLP/TA Certification)

PERSONAL LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION, NLP/TA Business Practitioner Certification Training

The essence of development is "growth" or "bring to full wisdom. A human being who has personally developed, maintains his/her confidence, remains resourceful under adversity and has a realistic view of alternatives. Personal development takes place along two lines: the intrapersonal line (feeling/mind) and the interpersonal line (self / other).
Developing your personal skills, your Personal Leadership, presupposes a willingness to think about your own role (self-reflection) and the willingness to make new choices in situations that occur to you. Behavior manifests itself in communication. Effective communication is one of the prerequisites for people to achieve their potential and it contributes to more confidence. When people have more choices in response to their emotions and experience variety in the way they can convert them into behavior, there will be Personal Leadership.

Target Audience
Managers and employees, consultants, coaches, trainers, interim managers who want to improve on social and emotional intelligence in order to enjoy a better life and to perform better at their work.

● Have goals clearly defined in a Personal Development Plan (PDP) and have the skills and emotional freedom to realize this.
● To reflect on your personal effectiveness and have choices in your internal feelings and attitudes by mobilizing the right resources at crucial moments in your personal and professional life.
● The skills and flexibility to perceive your inner reaction on the behavior of others and have a choice in your behavioral reaction on other.
● Being able to handle giving and receiving feedback and being able to make a distinction between criticism and feedback.
● Quick to make good contact and keep know appoint conversations and essences.
● Effective working relationships to develop and maintain, based on (self-) confidence by building and maintaining rapport.
● Master to be on your emotions and use your feelings as management information.
● break Limiting beliefs and to convert them into stimulating convictions.
● Increase the quality of your communication handle resistance.
● To work out your vital energy.
● to create more opportunities for yourself in your business and your personal life.

Motivations to follow this training

  • You want to make a fundamental development step and seek to develop one or more personal and / or professional skills.
  • You realize that your knowledge of pitfalls is not enough to break the patterns of ineffective behavior.
  • You want to work from your strength and your core competencies and thereby have enough emotion management to stay in control.
  • With some people it remains "despite the investment that you continue to do it" difficult to create effective partnerships.
  • You want to have good communication skills in order to create and maintain effective connections. Although there is much that you have reached, there are some goals that you put in a lot of energy but nevertheless do not reach them.
  • You want strategies that support you and leave you with a good attitude, so that you are able to break through your barriers and reframe your limiting beliefs into supportive.
  • Assumptions
  • If you have goals in the area of social and / or emotional intelligence than the training "Personal Competence development and communication in the context of work," provides you with your next step from consciousness to competence.

Our training is designed to enhance both your professional and your personal life. The training is aimed at developing competencies in these two areas.
You work on your communication skills and learn how you can effectively connect with others. The training will help you break old patterns and desirable to develop new behaviors and adds many new knowledge and insights. In the training you learn to focus on your core competencies, you learn to use your strengths and to handle or overcome your weaknesses. It provides skills for developing a clear starting point and new effective behavior.

Reference Frames
In this training we work with Neuro Linguistic Programming at Practitioner level. Further we make in this exercise using the following models which we have we integrated into a clear working model.
Transactional Analysis, Rational Emotive Analysis, Model for competence development, Contextual feedback frame, Key qualities, Organic Leadership ™.

Content and topics

Day 1 Self-reflection
Reflection is the ability to remotely look at the effects of your own actions. You will gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses which helps you to become more aware of your behavior and its effects.
● Giving and receiving feedback.
● Contextual feedback frameworks.
● The ability to use different observation positions.
● Calibrate.
● Create Report.

Day 2 Empathy
Empathy means that you're able to move into the motivations and preferences of others, so you can omprove your contact with others.
● Different perceptual positions.
● Calibrate non-verbal behavior of the other.
● Identify your inner resources in other to solve your challenges.
● Associates and dissociated perception, recall and installing different states: anchor.

Day 3: Emotion Management
The ability to use your feelings as management information. Recognizing your own emotions. Developing skills to master comfortably over your own emotions.
● To take your own feelings seriously.
● Anchoring of internal states.
● Go into challenging situations with the right energy for success (high energy).
● Identify your lLimiting beliefs and replace them with goals supporting thinking.
● Working with parts.

Day 4 Self Motivation
The ability to recognize your own motives and those of others and to work from your own vital energy. Being able to create a vision and set goals consistent to realize your own ambitions.
● Meta Programs, recognizing motivation styles, behavior of others can predict (You receive a license to use the Work Behavior Profieltm.
● Recognize Sensory strategies.
● Changing beliefs.

Day 5 Communicative Steerking and Transactional Analysis (TA)
The ability to effectively influence other. To be able to communicate on the basis of an understanding of communication patterns of others.
● Framing, process-control skill.
● Reframing.
● Ability to make comprehensible content (chunking).
● Effects of hypnotic language patterns.
● Transactional Analysis as a model to recognize patterns in communication
● Choosing Effective ego positions

Day 6 Integration and Certification
● Integration of the lessons learned from the previous day
● Certification

Training format and methods
When we are integrating experience with knowledge, there will be wisdom. We bring variety in cognitive and experiential learning competency. We train from a clear and recognizable Core Commit format. This means that presentations are given for the group and there are clear demonstrations of how people can apply the techniques in the workplace and in their personal lives. You will do assignments and exercises in small groups. There is plenty of space to ask questions in an open space. Adults learn by doing and feelingl involved.

Personal learning goals
An important part of the training is to formulate goals during training and capture your goals and their realization in a personal log book. Through the feedback you receive as part of the training on your learning objectives, you will learn to track your own progress.

Values Profile ™ and Work Behavior Profile ™
For the training to understand your motives and your permanent personality traits and to compare these against those of others, please fill out prior to the block metaprograms online Work Activity Profile ™ to measure your fixed personality traits. The integration block fill on-line Values Profile ™ to bring your motivations and perceptions of your organization image.

Duration and intensity
The training "NLP Practitioner" lasts a total of 6 days. Working time is from 1 pm to 8 pm

At the end of this course you will receive a Core Commit Practitioner certificate for Personal Competence and Communication, this is also an NLP Practitioner Certificate in accordance with the standard of INLPTA.

During the training focuses on all basic NLP techniques that are required for the program leading to the certificate for NLP Practitioner according INLPTA standard. On the last day there is a certification process. The certificate gives access to the Master NLP Training.
INLPTA the International Trainers Association, this is a global organization that aims allowed to promote to facilitate alignment between professional NLP trainers around the world, and the ethical and professional use of NLP through the standardization and continuous adoption of the INLPTA accreditation process. More information on

References of participants
Participants always say this is a fantastic training in which they take what they have learned to their future. Many participants give us feedback on the training that following the NLP Practicitoner has made a huge difference in their personal lives and has been an important step in their personal growth. For their professionalism it means that their communication skills are better developed, which enables them to improve in areas like teamwork, conflict management and resolution, better manage and influence. People find their new NLP skills valuable in making effective career plans. A quote from one of the training assessment: "I use my temperament now much more in my favor with employees. I now only need one convesation to get to the root cause of a the problem… Also some of our accountmanagers followed the training. Their communication today is clearly better. "

Dates Core Commit Caribbean Summer Academy in Curacao: 27th of july through the 1th of August 2015 Price: NAF 1950,-

Location on Curacao: Conference Center at Acoya hotel and suites

Languages: English and Dutch. Possibility to do the excercises in English, Dutch Papiaments and Spanish. Study material: Humanual, NLP Handbook for Personal Competence Development. The handbook will be made available to you in English or Dutch.

Price: NAF 1950,-

Booking: send an email to or visit our website www.corecommitcom and book online.

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